Whether it be fixed or mobile, current communications networks are being pushed to deliver high capacity, low latency networks that can manage today’s massive growth in data usage and connected devices. A growing demand for data storage, virtualised computing and complex networking is driving data centre, Cloud and Hosting providers to rethink their business models, and is placing increased pressure on management to steer their business through the current tumultuous environment. It is thus important, more than ever before, to be challenged and advised by experts who can add tangible value to the company.

With our finger on the pulse across the communications and technology sectors, we support businesses to adapt to the changing environment by providing expert advice that will challenge and strengthen their strategy and M&A activities.

Our Strategy Services:

  • Technology strategy
  • Infrastructure and network investment including spectrum acquisition, network sharing, network deployment
  • Capex review

Our M&A Services:

  • Target asset identification
  • Market entry analysis (Build, buy, partner)
  • JVCo negotiations
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Portfolio analysis

Our Telecom services:

  • Public policy development & advocacy
  • Spectrum valuation
  • Auction design & strategy, live auction support; spectrum trading
  • Infrastructure and spectrum sharing: evaluation, strategy definition, ‘clean-team’ mediation
  • 5G, small cell & neutral host strategies; investment optimisation
  • Assessment of policy impact on investment incentives and wider socio-economic outcomes
  • M&A target identification, investment appraisal & due diligence
  • Merger control, regulatory engagement & advocacy
  • Strategic analysis, war gaming & tactical negotiation support
  • High-growth ventures: go-to-market strategy, business planning, investment readiness & sourcing
  • Corporate venturing

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